Weird hotwired toast

Hvis man ikke har hørt den sjeldne innspillingen "Toast" av Weird Al (Yankovic) har man gått glipp av en særdeles minneverdig hyldest til brunsvidde brødskiver.

ristede smakebiter fra teksten:

I get up in the morning about six AM.
Have a little jelly, have a little jam.
Take a piece of bread, put it in the slot,
push down the lever and the wires get hot - I get toast.

chorus: Yeah toast...

Now there's no secret to toasting perfection,
there's a dial on the side and you make your selection.
Push from the dark to the light and then
if it pops too soon, press down again - make toast.

chorus: Yeah toast! (etc)

When the first caveman drove in from the dregs,
didnt know what would go with the bacon and the eggs.
Musta been a genious, got it in his head,
Plug the toaster in the wall, buy a bag of bread - make toast.

chorus: Yeah toast! (etc)

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